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Ask the Final Fantasy X Cast

This concept is totally due to CnA at Ask the Suzaku Seishi. I owe this idea entirely to her, and give her much thanks for allowing me to use it. Also, Final Fantasy X, Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Auron, Lulu, Kimahri, Rikku, and all other characters are copyright Squaresoft Co. Ltd, 2001 and 2002. Thank you and enjoy. ^_^

Update: 7/20/04
Hi, anyone who's still here. ^^; Bravenet's really cumbersome as a host, so I'll be moving to a new host immediately after I finish typing this, bring along all the archives and responses, answering all the new letters, and hopefully not falling too flat on my face. ^^; I'll probably have a different layout too. Well, I hope. ^^; See you all there!

Archives! Yay!
Now look. Archives, finally! Still here. Don't blame me at all for the stupid file name. *innocence*

   Hello, and welcome to Ask the Final Fantasy X Cast. This is a website where you can.. well.. ask the main party members questions. Real quick, though, the only pairing this site suggests is Tidus and Yuna. Well, thanks, and onto our cast.

Hey, Tidus! Tidus

Tidus is the main character and probably the most cheerful guy here. He enjoys hearing about other people and how they're doing.

Greetings, Yuna! Yuna

Yuna's our ray of sunshine and lollipops. Like Tidus, she too enjoys hearing from people.

Wakka, ya? Wakka

Wakka really isn't here, since he refuses to touch a computer. So, Lulu will intercept your message and give it to him.

Black Magic Woman Lulu

Lulu is the most serious female here, and probably the wisest, too. Fear her black magic skills.

... Kimahri

Kimahri doesn't like to talk much. He's probably only here because of Yuna.

Everyone's Favorite. Auron

Auron's the truth. And the truth hurts.

Peppy Al Bhed. Rikku

Our resident mechanical genius, Rikku has knowledge we don't. She's also hyper.

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